Simply Tarot started, in a different form, many years ago. Our first site was called The Tarot House, then it became Patricia House and now we have created the  Simply Tarot website as our purpose and aims have developed.

My name is Patricia House. I got into tarot about 15 years ago but struggled finding a tarot deck I could really bond with.  With a bit of encouragement from others, I thought I would try to develop a deck of my own, addressing what I would like to see in a tarot deck.  I spent a lot of the following year creating the paintings you can see on this site.  I painted them in acrylics, an interesting and quick-drying medium, that I had never used before.  It was an incredible project for me and a lot of work (and love) went into it.  I then self-published the deck and set about introducing it to people all over the world.  I feel very privileged that all the feedback has been wonderful so far.

A rather bumpy road of selling the deck then ensued, where we learned a lot about business (sometimes a little too late!) and what we should have done differently, but you live and learn, as they say. The last few years I have done all the marketing and social media for Simply Tarot and built quite an impressive following.

Our Simply Tarot website has now become very popular not only for The Tarot House Deck but for our fantastic automated Card of the Day facility, free monthly tarotscopes and all the information available on Tarot Reading and Tarot Spreads, – not to mention, of course, our wonderful Free Tarot Readings provided by our amazing bank of trusted Tarot Readers.

The growth of applications to read for Simply Tarot from Tarot Readers wanting/needing practice in return for feedback, along with our loyal customers who have learned to trust us, via our mother site, has been such that it was necessary to create a new community where both seekers, and providers, of tarot readings can gather together and help each other.

We’ve always envisioned a respectful community where Clients can trust Tarot Readers, and the Tarot Readers can start to build their businesses through these relationships. This vision was the Simply Tarot Marketplace and here it is.

Whether we are new to tarot or have a wealth of experience behind us, we are always on a learning curve, so I am happy to give, as well as accept, help – there are many different threads to the tapestry of Tarot and it’s great to find out a little more each day and spread the word with all our friends.  I sincerely hope you enjoy using this site and look forward to our Simply Tarot Marketplace being THE place for Trusted Tarot Readings!

Thanks for being here today!