It’s a shame, but a true fact of life, that there are unscrupulous people in the field of Tarot who will take advantage of people in order to make money. That’s not us, and we will not affiliate with any reader or organisation whom we believe isn’t operating to the highest ethical standards and professionalism.

The Marketplace has been designed to help customers find trustworthy, competent Tarot readers and to help those same readers reach potential customers in order to create successful Tarot businesses.  We also want to use the Marketplace as a platform to raise ethics and standards across the industry, and to marginalise malpractice wherever possible.

If you’re using Simply Tarot Marketplace to learn how to read or if you’re interested in becoming a Simply Tarot Marketplace reader then we ask that you first read and sign-up to our Reader Terms and Conditions.

Our Values

    • We believe that Tarot is, and should only be used, as a force for good, to help empower people and to aid their personal development
    • We will operate and promote only the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in the people we teach, work and affiliate with
    • Tarot Reader’s have a right to charge for their time and services and to earn an income doing what they love but only upon the assumption they are operating legally, fairly, ethically and professionally
    • The Marketplace will also provide a Free Reading Forum to give everyone the opportunity to access Tarot readings regardless of their financial status
    • A Tarot Reader provides a very specific personal service which should not act as a substitute for other professional help or advice such as medical, financial or legal assistance.  It’s not what we do and we don’t have the detailed knowledge or experience to help our customers with this properly.  So Tarot readers should always refer their customers to the people who can help them properly and who have the necessary qualifications and expertise.
    • If you ever come to believe that one of your customers is vulnerable and/or in need of help then make the effort to help them find and access that assistance wherever you are able to.  One example would be to encourage a customer to seek medical help and/or support from a relevant charity if you find that they are suffering from some sort of addiction.

Our Code of Ethics for Readers

    1. Respect client confidentiality
    2. Treat everyone equally regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or any other personal or social characteristic
    3. Be fair, open minded and non-judgemental
    4. Always, always refer people for professional help when it’s needed or where the need goes beyond your capacity as a Tarot reader
    5. Operate transparency in your dealings with customers by agreeing the fee upfront and by making sure the customer understands the nature of the product or service they’re purchasing
    6. Be competent and if you’re not confident in your competence, practice and train before you start charging people for your Tarot readings
    7. Withdraw tactfully if you are unable to complete a reading and give a refund when you do
    8. Protect youngsters by only reading for people who are over 18 years of age
    9. Read only for people you have permission to read for, do not attempt to read for unwitting third parties
    10. Never ever specifically predict death, disease or fertility
    11. Never identify a customer as being subject to a curse and never, ever offer to remove said curse for a fee
    12. Respect the client’s right to be self-governing; it’s for them to make their own decisions about their life
    13. Commit to avoiding harm to the client by shunning any form of exploitation, avoiding incompetence and malpractice

We fully support competent, trustworthy and honest Tarot readers and we’ll seek to help them generate an income from what they do.  However, anyone who is seeking to work with us must take these responsibilities seriously.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the information on this page please contact us.