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At, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy outlines the type of personal information that is received and collected by and how it is used.

Your acceptance of our Policy is given when you sign up or use our website. If you do not agree with or understand the policy you must stop using our website and services. Please contact us if you need our help.

About us: Simply Tarot is a Sole Trader in the United Kingdom. We can be contacted via our Virtual Address which is: Gemini House, 136-140 Old Shoreham Road, Brighton, United Kingdom. BN3 7BD or via email to:

We understand that your privacy should be respected and protected as much as possible and we make every effort to only use and keep your information, as and when we need to, for your privacy and under our own obligations to the Law.

The following information is about the kind of information we use and why:

Personal information such as names, contact and payment details are required to help us provide the services you use through our website, Simply Tarot Marketplace. We need to use your information to allow tarot readings to be bought, and sent, through our website facilities, and to provide a setting for Tarot Readers to have a Store where tarot readings and related accessories can be sold. When you set up as a tarot reader, or buy readings or related accessories to tarot, by giving us your name, contact details and payment information you are automatically presumed to be giving your consent with or without reading our Terms and Conditions. Data used: Name, contact and payment information. (Article 6 (b) Contract).

To enhance our service and products we may solicit you for feedback or reviews/testimonials. (Article 6 (F) Legitimate Interest). If you do not wish to be contacted for this purpose you can opt out by contacting We may publish your feedback/reviews/testimonials but only with your permission. (Article 6 (b) Consent) and you can revoke your consent at any time using the same email address given in this paragraph. We will remove the feedback/reviews/testimonials as soon as we possibly can thereafter. We will continue to use this information until you revoke your consent.

Interests and entertainment – we may occasionally use your name/avatar details on comments on pages of the website or the same with your contact details if you enter any competitions we run on the website. (Article 6 (b) Consent).

Managing your Data Protection Rights: We will keep your information in certain circumstances to ensure you are not contacted in error after opting out – for example, keeping your name/contact details on a mailing list to ensure you are not re-added to the list. If you present us with a Subject Access Request or a Complaint, we will need to ask for identification and keep your details on file until the necessary steps are taken to ensure the matter is resolved. Some information may be kept for Legal purposes for at least six years. (Article 6 (c) Legal Obligation).

If you set up a Store on our website we will need to use and keep your contact and payment details for as long as you use our website facilities within our WooCommerce Multi Vendor software which we use to facilitate this process. If your Store is not used, or operated, at all for six months your Store will be disabled and your data deleted. If you close your Store voluntarily you can ask us to remove your details immediately, otherwise they will be kept for six months in case you wish to reopen your Store.

To deliver these products and services some of your details may be kept for six years as required for Taxation and Legal obligations. You can only opt out by not using our services or website at all.


Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites. Cookies are used by most websites to tailor content and marketing messages to better suit your needs

We only use Cookies and other tracking technology when it is essential for the operation and security of our website and the software we use to provide our service. Other Cookies may be used that will not involve using your personal data.

Sharing data:

We will never share or sell your data for commercial gain. Your data is only shared for core services such as payment software through Third Party ‘Data Processors’ such as Paypal or WooCommerce. Here is a list a list of who we currently share information with in order to provide our services:

WordPress โ€“ this is the company which provide the tools to build and maintain our website.

Gravatar โ€“ for use of pictures as an identification

Mailchimp โ€“ for collecting email addresses, with the Users permission, and adding to a list we can use to send out block announcements and newsletters.

WooCommerce โ€“ to provide and maintain the payment system which allows you to buy our services.

Jetpack โ€“ which provides security to our website.

GDPR โ€“ this helps us to maintain our information about, and use of Cookies on our site and to ensure your Privacy is not taken for granted or misused.

Hubspot โ€“ used for forms, pop-ups and chat /comment facilities on our website.

Google โ€“ used for Search Engine Optimisation which helps our Website reach the people we want to reach online.

Stripe โ€“ used for taking payments for services.

Paypal โ€“ used for taking payments for services.

Google Adsense โ€“ to use, and pay for, advertising space on our website.

We require all Data Processors to respect your personal data and to not use your information for their own purposes. They are instructed to only use your data for our specified purposes. We also ensure that any international transfers of data are done with the required safeguards in place such as the EU-US Shield Framework.

How we keep data safe:

By putting appropriate security measures in place to protect your data from being lost, used, altered, disclosed or accessed in an unauthorised way.

Limiting access to your data on a ‘need to know’ basis.

Following due process to deal with any data breach.

Only transferring your data outside the European Economic Area with safeguards and guarantees in place.

Only keeping your data for as long as required to provide the service we collected it for.

Your Data Protection Rights:

To ask for what data we are using for you contact us via our address or given email address.

To rectify information we have on you contact us via our address or given email address.

To activate your ‘right to be forgotten’ and have your data deleted contact us via our address or given email address. An exception to this right is information we need to keep for Taxation and Legal purposes.

We will restrict the data we collect from you so that we do not exceed what we need to provide our service.

You have the right to object to automated making and profiling.

Please contact us if you have any issues with regard to the data we hold on you. We would only refuse to cooperate with any request if we have good legal reasoning – and you would have the right to complain using the contact details below:

To exercise any of your Data Protection rights contact Simply Tarot Marketplace at: Gemini House, 138 -140 Old Shoreham Road, Brighton, United Kingdom (Virtual Address) or email:

If you wish to lodge a complaint about our processes contact:

Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, United Kingdom. SK9 5AF. Phone: 0303 123 1113 or visit Make a complaint | ICO

Thank you for taking the time to familiarise yourself with our Privacy and Cookie Policy. We hope you continue to use, and enjoy, our website.