Simply Tarot Marketplace has a duty of care to its Clients, as well any Readers who work with us. You are respectfully asked, as a Reader, to read and agree to the Simply Tarot Marketplace terms and conditions as set out below:

1 That you will provide at least one FREE reading per week as required by the Simply Tarot Marketplace. You will have the right to refuse further free readings if you have already provided one for the Client and you can also refer them to other Readers who may have free readings available.

1.1 That you will pay a yearly Marketplace FEE of £10 for your tarot reading Store and pay 20% commission to Simply Tarot Marketplace on any paid tarot readings you charge for in your tarot Store.

2 To respect each and every individual encountered within, or through, the Simply Tarot Marketplace network regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion.

3 To not push your own agenda with regard to beliefs or religions; we have a huge audience of people with diverse views and codes of conduct – a religion, or particular belief, might work for you but it’s not something we should project onto others. Some of our Clients do not have a religious belief at all.

4 To report any abuse from either Clients, or team members, so that it can be tackled immediately and to prevent it happening to someone else.

5 To suggest professional help to our Clients if you feel they might be struggling with an issue which is beyond your remit, or in danger.

6 To avoid giving readings about anyone else other than the client – (this can be considered as psychic ‘spying’) – often we get asked ‘what does s/he think of me?’ or ‘Is my partner having an affair?’ – it is best to focus on the Energies we can work with ie the Client’s. To read someone else’s energy is not something, ethically, we should involve ourselves in – in addition we cannot be sure the energy we tap into is the correct one, and the responsibility for that is enormous.

7 To not promote the putting on, or taking off, of ‘curses’. This is Charlatan territory – the use of curses by Charlatans is simply to extract money from the Client. There are many ways to cleanse energies around people, and tarot can be one of them, but we prefer to not feed the fear around curses.

8 To absolutely NOT predict anyone’s death or illness, and conversely, to NOT tell someone to ignore signs of illness/distress, or that they do not need to seek professional help, this is not in our remit.

9 To not give a reading on whether the client’s partner/friend is having an affair. This is because we are using the Client’s own energy not using someone else’s without their permission which is an ethics issue. Also we cannot be 100% sure that the cards are always right and it is too great a responsibility to take that risk.

10 To not make any assumptions about our Client’s particular situation, for example, whether they are wealthy or poor, happy or sad, working or unemployed – each Client will have different backgrounds and experiences and these may affect how they approach you and/or their ability to communicate effectively with you.

11 To be kind and very clear in communications – this saves so much potential trouble and presents a professional face which upholds the Simply Tarot Marketplace mission.

12 To be honest if an uncomfortable situation arises with a Client. You are more than welcome to suggest the client tries a different reader and be ready to offer refunds if the reading has been paid for.

13 To allow public feedback, and/or ratings, regarding Readings given, where applicable.

14 To use an appropriate and (non-offensive/non-threatening) name for your Store.

15 To close your shop as soon as you are not able to continue to provide a service.

16 To give a well-written, legible reading with a photograph of the pulled cards, and to ensure the reading is substantial enough to justify the payment charged.

17 Simply Tarot is happy for you to use your preferred tarot deck for the readings, but please remember that we would like to take any opportunities to promote/use our own deck – The Tarot House Deck – Contact Patricia for more details.

18 Simply Tarot consider it wise to make it known which deck is likely to be used in any reading you give. Clients may, or may not, like cards related to witchcraft, angels, animals, paganism or any other type of subjective decks, so it would be useful to make this obvious to the Client before the reading, to save causing offence.

19 To respect the copyright of the Deck Creator of the cards you are using and if you use pictures you should acknowledge the copyright of its owner. (It is worth considering using Simply Tarot’s own tarot deck since we own the copyright to images and text in full, and so can be used freely on this site.)

20 Simply Tarot cannot be held responsible for ensuring Clients provide feedback, or for the Client’s behaviours. However, Simply Tarot will take any concerns you may have and together we can consider solutions. Most of our Clients really do just wish to have a decent reading and enjoy the service that the Simply Tarot Marketplace provides.

21 IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you do not hold customers personal details any where other than in your Simply Tarot Marketplace shop – ie names, dates of birth, addresses, email addresses, or readings, on your phones/PCs/laptops etc. Under the new GDPR rules (certainly in the UK and Europe – which is where we are based) these details are required, by law, to be protected. That is, if you store information of people on personal devices that are open to hacking, we will be held responsible and required to pay a hefty fine if prosecuted. So please delete personal details on your personal devices – such as your laptop where you might have written your reading on a Word Document or other Office application.  The readings sent via your email provider should be protected by their own security measures.

End of Reader Terms and Conditions. You can register for a Store as a Reader by using this link