Tarot readings work because our Energies (via the Collective Consciousness of the Universe) are all connected together. Tarot Readers can tap into your Energy with the tarot cards, so it is important to understand that your reading should really be about YOU and not someone else.

The Tarot is a guidance tool to help you navigate your way through life, often helpful when facing a dilemma.

Your question should be quite specific such as ‘What can the Tarot advise me about my career?’ – the same question can be asked about other subjects like love, family, money, work and possibly even about a particular decision you are having to make. A question like ‘Does (name) love me?’ is asking us to read for a person without their permission, something we do not feel is an ethical practice. Check our Code of Ethics. Perhaps you could ask ‘Is my relationship with (name/partner) worth pursuing?’. You can ask things like ‘Is my business likely to succeed in the near future?’ or ‘What do I need to do/know in order to succeed at college/work?’.

Some tarot Readers might not be comfortable with questions about what ex-partners are doing, or feeling, (because of the reason above), or about whether someone is having an affair. Some Readers will, understandably, be uncomfortable reading for questions about your health too. This is a huge responsibility. However, Readers could read as to whether there are blockages which could, ultimately, be affecting your health – this would not be a substitute for going to a Medical Practitioner, though, if you are worried.

Different Readers will have learned different aspects of tarot depending on which deck they have learned with and who has taught them. Any differences are fine – as long as that Reader has experience it works for them – there is no issue. They may work on different timescales with regard to days/months/years, seasons and even which card, or suit, in a deck represents which aspect of your life, but as I say, the Reader interprets the cards in whichever way they can and if it resonates with you then that is what is important.

Timescales: These will differ from Reader to Reader. If you just remember that the Tarot is likely to be accurate for over approximately a six month period, it will help. So if you ask a Reader ‘Will I ever get married?’ and the answer is no then do not despair. The tarot is unlikely to be talking about your whole lifetime. You can ask your Reader to be clear on this subject.

Questions: Some Readers will be happy to do a ‘General Reading’ for you if you can’t think of a specific question. It is possible though that the tarot will pick up on your deep innermost thoughts and not something you are consciously thinking about which could look as if the tarot doesn’t work. That is why specific questions are really helpful – it pinpoints what you really want to know.

Readers: Most Readers will be willing to offer FREE readings. However, you can understand that their time and effort is as valuable as yours and so, they have the right to limit how many free readings you can have. If you want further readings you can check out other Readers who have Free readings available. If you have exhausted them all then perhaps if you donate even a small amount for a reading you can access more readings. Naturally, if you find a Reader that you think is amazing then you may have to pay for future readings, though at least you’ll know you can trust them and that their rates are reasonable and that is what this Marketplace is all about.